2018 New Year's Resolution

Posted on January 1, 2018

2017 was a tremendous year of personal growth for me. Some major accomplishments were completing a half marathon for the first time, receiving a promotion and leading a development team, and launching my new personal site. Overall, I learned how to really enjoy myself more and become a more emotionally resilient person.

This year's goals

This year I will challenge myself further with these goals:

  1. 400 miles of running
  2. Complete 3 side projects
  3. 1 Visual Design Course
  4. 1 Sales/Communication Course
  5. Meet 5 new friends
  6. Learn 10 new cooking recipes
  7. Read 8 books comprehensively read from beginning to end
  8. Complete 10 artworks
  9. Create 1 patent

What’s unique about these goals?

Some examples of goals that do not work are "exercising more," "reading more books," or "learning a new language." Goals like these usually don’t stick around because…

Goals that have successfully worked for me is when I trained for the half marathon last year. Taking what I have learned, I have designed my 2018 New Year Resolution goals to…

These goals are actually not unique. They’re based on SMART goals.

Closing thoughts

Having clear goals creates more accountability and provides structure that helps me become a more well-rounded individual. Goals will be tweaked as needed if too unrealistic or too easy.